CNC Swiss Turning Centers

Swiss Turning machines are ideal for small parts that require tight tolerance control, cross drilling or tapping, and backside operations. They are also well suited for longer tight tolerance designs that can’t be supported using conventional turning centers. These 7-axis machines are very versatile and machine parts from a 12-foot bar of material. This makes them very economical on larger volume projects. They are often used on components for the medical device industry.

Our CNC Swiss Turning Centers Include:

Miller Diversified Machining (MDM) can provide you excellent value and convenience. We?ll machine your complex parts using cutting-edge equipment, spacious facilities, and trained technical staff. We guarantee you?ll receive the highest quality parts at a competitive price with fast delivery.

MDM is ISO 9001:2015 certified, ITAR registered, and woman-owned. Your parts will be machined with precision and the final product will meet your expectations.

Our large facility provides the space we need to store materials and in-progress components to ensure product protection and organization as needed. We can perform a versatile range of machining with our wide variety of equipment.

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