Inspection Services

Inspection Services EquipmentWe have on-site inspection equipment that allows us to continuously inspect our products to ensure compliance with your quality requirements. We have a wide range of micrometers, calipers, indicators, height stands, etc. to measure your parts. If complex parts require inspection, we also have a Micro-Vu Optical CMM with touch probes. We’ve also invested in a Keyence instant measuring system that is used extensively on the shop floor to monitor production on a continuous basis.

All of our equipment is calibrated and certified per national standards by an outside qualified service.


Inspection Services Equipment If other CMM needs are required, we also have an on-site CMM subcontractor located in our building. Mic-Right Inspection Services, owned and operated by Dean Carlson, has a number of different Zeiss and Micro-Vu machines capable of inspecting complex parts. Dean has over 30 years of CMM programming and inspection experience, as well as an expert on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. This on-site capability has been instrumental in our development of new complex components.

If you are looking for CMM Inspection help, you can contact Dean Carlson at:

Phone: 763-439-8271


Inspection Services Equipment