What’s New

MD Building ExteriorIn 2018, we purchased the two buildings next door and increased our manufacturing footprint from 10,000 square feet to over 24,000 square feet. In the past two years, we’ve completed the renovation of the second two buildings and moved half of our operation over to the new space. This additional space allowed us to move and add equipment to create a more efficient operation. We are now fully operational in the new space.

Machining Equipment inside MDMIn 2019, we completed a number of green initiatives. We completely replaced the shop lighting and converted everything to new energy-efficient LED lighting. This initiative will pay off in less than 2 years. The quality of the light is also far better than the previous fluorescent lighting.

In addition, we’ve replaced 4 of our 6 HVAC systems with new energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems. All of these are being controlled with new Ecobee Thermostats that have helped reduce our heating and air conditioning energy bills.